Monday, August 30, 2010

20 Day Countdown Starts Now

I have approximately 480 and some-odd hours before I board that large jet plane that will take me around the world, thankfully in just two days and not eighty. Weirdly enough, as I literally and emotionally prepare to leave, I feel that I am here, and yet already gone at the same time. There are so many logistical things to do such as pick out the right luggage and get the right shots and pack the right way and say good-bye the right way and at the right time. Focusing on all these things and doing them "right" has had the alarming effect of somewhat isolating me from the life that I am living. I'm still here, but everything I do is in preparation for over there, which has somehow made me feel a little bit invisible and a little bit like I am already gone. I know this is silliness, because both places encompass my life right now, and I am not any kind of super-hero or magical being that can be in two places at once. I just wanted to express this weird feeling I have of being split between opposites: being here, but also being there. Staying, but still leaving. Being present, but also being gone.

On a more specific, and logistical note, things really are coming together. Flight is booked, packing has commenced, and preparations are being made in Cambodia for my arrival. I have had a little glimpse into the school through the never-ending wonders of Facebook, and I can honestly say that working there, and working with the people there is going to be wonderful.

My friends and I have a fun little habit of "Top Whatever Lists." Such as "Top 5 favorite moments of a trip" or "Top 3 things you love about your job." This past weekend, my roommate asked me what the Top 3 things were that I am most excited about in this new adventure. And here they are for your reading pleasure:

1) Getting to teach again. While my extended summer vacation has been great, I miss seeing little faces every day and the joy and laughter that comes with teaching young children. I will be so happy to be surrounded by 5 year olds again.

2)Meeting new people and building new relationships. If you had asked my parents 15 years ago if they thought their painfully shy daughter would actually be excited about meeting and talking to new people and strangers, they might have said "No way, she won't even call her friends to ask about a homework assignment." Well, I've come a long way since 5th grade and I actually do look forward to meeting new and interesting people and getting to know them.

3)Seeing what amazing things God will do for His kingdom through this job. When I took my first job straight out of college, it was just a job. Yes, God blessed me with it, but I wasn't really thinking about how his kingdom would be advanced through me and the work I did every day. Clearly, I have a new perspective now and I am just overflowing with anticipation of what God will do at Life International School over the next two years.

Those are all my random thoughts for now. 20 days to go!

Friday, August 13, 2010

Miss Kindergarten Goes To...

That's right. Who knew that my love for kindergarten and my love for travel and other cultures would some day be combined into the ultimate adventure, taking me all the way to the other side of the world.

Ok, honestly, teaching overseas has always been something that I felt called to do, but I never ever imagined that my destination would be Cambodia. Mainly because most people don't even know where it is. I'm not going to lie, I had to look it up. Cambodia is located in Southeast Asia on a small peninsula with Vietnam and Thailand. See Map below:
So, that's where it is. Not to be confused with Canada, which I am about 90% certain is the country my hairdresser was envisioning when we were discussing this at my last appointment a few days ago. Bless can't drive there.

I am so thrilled for this adventure that God has set before me, and I can't wait to share things on here. My hope is that the hilarity that so often infused my every day life at Center Point Elementary will carry over, and hopefully translate well, from Cambodia. I can't wait to meet my Cambodian Kindergarteners and share my life over there with all of you who either stumbled across this by accident or voluntarily chose to read it. I'll take either one.