Thursday, December 2, 2010

HE IS GOD, and He is Good!

So I realized today that the entire month of November went by without a single blog post on my end. Sorry about that. When I left for Cambodia, I had this great plan to write every single week, maybe every single day. As most plans usually go, that changed.

Culture shock + starting school + becoming a Principal + meeting a lot of new, wonderful people = no time to write a blog. I wish that I could recap all of the things that have happened here over the past two months, but that would be virtually impossible. You probably wouldn't really want to read it, and frankly, I don't want to write it. Just because it would be really long, not because I don't want to share what has been happening.

But what I do want to do is give you a little picture into Life International School. I continue to be amazed at the sheer number of really wonderful, sweet children that God has allowed me to interact with in my short 25 years. Each and every face at LIS means so much to me, and each day that I get to spend with them, and see their smiles, is a great day.

Every morning we have a time of devotion, where the K through 4 classes come together to pray, listen to bible stories, and sing praises to God. We have been learning some new songs, and one of the crowd favorites is a song called "He is God." One of the reasons that kids love it so much is that the words are simple and the song repeats itself:

He is God, the one true God
There's no doubt, I'm going to shout it out
He is King, the one true King
There's no doubt, I'm going to shout it out.

Come and see what God has done
All the wonders under the sun.
Come and see what God can do
He's alive, in me and you.

There is so much theology packed into this one tiny kids' song, and it does my heart so good to hear all 120 of my students singing this at the top of their lungs each and every morning. In a part of the world where the predominant "religion" worships many false gods and idols, these children are singing the truth that there is ONE true god. In a country where a human king is revered above all other people, the voices of these children are reminding us that there is only ONE King who rules the Earth. They are reminding us not to doubt in God's goodness, and God's greatness. They are reminding us that this amazing truth and this amazing gift is something that we should be shouting out, all the time. They are reminding us to always be in awe of what God is done, and to always be looking for ways that God is at work in our lives. And finally, they are reminding us that through the amazing gift of our Savior, Jesus Christ, God is alive. He's living in me, and in you, and each one of these precious children.

I know that I personally need to be reminded of all these things daily, and so I am thankful for the gift of these children's voices. I hope that it moves something deep in your heart, as it does mine. I also know that right now, to these children, this song is just a song. But it is my prayer that as they grow older and mature, and hopefully come to know God more, they will understand the beautiful truths that they sang about when they were in elementary school. I hope that you will join me in praying this also.

Here is a video for you to enjoy. Please ignore the poor video and audio quality, as it was shot on just a mere digital camera. But the message is still there.

"And the Lord will be King over all the earth. On that day the Lord will be one and his name one." Zechariah 14:9